Dirty food.

pigWhen you drop something on the floor, and no one is there… will you pick it up and eat it? I most likely would. But what about if someone is in the room? I am slightly more hesitant.

The other day I was cutting up an apple and a piece of it fell on the floor. Not a big piece, just a little one. And I picked that sucker up and ate it. That apple was delicious and part of my lunch, so why shouldn’t I?

But then my roommate, Cassie, came into the room and it happened again. How sadly I threw the piece away. I knew in my heart that she wouldn’t have judged me; she would have just laughed. But, still, I threw it away.

I guess I figured once is ok, it was an honest mistake. But twice?? Then I am just a dirty food eater. I can’t have that on my conscience; it’s outrageous.

Summer 2010

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