Happiness is a Newborn

I find beauty in every human being I see,
but I have never been as amazed as when I saw a newborn for the first time.

A newborn tells you what heaven feels like
and is exactly what innocence looks like.

Pure innocence is rare and nearly impossible to see,
especially in a world so full of hate, pain, hunger, and greed.

A child is a new heartbeat beating on its own after a short nine months in the making.

Through nature, beauty is both created and born with every new child.

Beauty Secrets

When I think that no one’s looking, I “fix” myself;
I adjust, I pluck, I color.
I find things I don’t like and I try to make them “better”… but who is it for?
I find myself saying, “I don’t do it for your standards, I do it for myself.”
But then, truly, at the bottom of it all, I must ask:
Why do I care about my eyebrows?
I can’t even see them when I’m talking…
But you can.
February 24, 2013


rocketI’ve traveled

I’ve seen

I’ve tried so hard to understand.

These places are so beautiful. So illuminating. So loved from afar.

On this side of the world, everything looks so dazzling

Twirling, dancing, trusting.

So out of reach.

So far away.

Still so hard to understand

How can a place on the other side of the world be?

How can something I’ve seen ever stop existing?

I miss you, Italy. I miss you, London.

Barcelona. Dublin.

Amsterdam, Vienna, Salzburg.

I wish I knew more about what I saw, of what happened to me.

I wish I understood how hungry I am for the world.

I wish I understood how to satiate myself.

Will I ever be satisfied?