We’re 5 years in and our adventure continues.
Day in and day out: learning new things & understanding new theories.
An almost constant discussion:
Everyday still learning what makes us tick.

Let us see where this beautiful life leads us–
It seems anywhere will suffice with your hand in mine,
And yet nothing will ever be “enough”
Because when we are together not even the sky is limiting.

There is no cap, there is no limit; there’s nowhere but up.
But there are still questions posed:
Why do we exist? What are we meant to be?
What are we supposed to do?

With you by my side, there is no limit to what we can discover.
There is no telling us what we can do or where we can go.
Together we just keep reaching higher.

There is no stopping us.

February 10, 2013

My valentine

You’d think I’d be afraid of all the love I have for you,
but it indeed makes me stronger.
You give me faith in myself and the surrounding miracles I deal with day to day.
If ever I wonder why–
my answer is always you.