Good Book Karma

My library is only partially read… but aren’t all libraries built that way?
I can’t throw away book.
I believe all of these books are made for the perfect moment
When they need to be exactly where they are.
I wouldn’t go to the library down the street and toss a book away,
“I wasn’t going to read this one today”…
And so my library grows.

I’ll let you borrow any of them under the pretense I could get it back one day.
Though I may never read all of the books that I own,
maybe I will.

Transplanted Thoughts

I wonder how this will fall into your eyes,
and where it will go once it hits your mind.
Alone with a pen, an intimate moment— now shared with you.
I give my thoughts to you to use as you see fit,
but please remember they’re a gift.
February 18, 2013