For Loved Ones Lost

Everyone who knew you, loves you.
Everything you were, lives on through us.
Your body is gone, but your life remains in our hearts.
You are in our actions and in our kindness;
Your benevolence will continue through us.
We will be strong for you,
Because you are our strength.
Because we can still laugh with you,
We know we are okay.
When we think of your smile, we smile.
And that’s how we know we have been blessed.

November 2010

Written for Matthew Ryan Dalling’s Memorial Card

Missed Birthday

And when
you act
like I’m falling apart at the seams,
I wonder.

I wonder why I talk so fast,
I wonder why my speech is so pressured,
I wonder why I don’t just make sense to you.

It makes my blood boil;
It’s like my entire debate falls on deaf ears,
Because I can’t just calm down and be understood.

I struggle the most when I can’t get out of my own way to communicate my own ideas.