Beauty Secrets

When I think that no one’s looking, I “fix” myself;
I adjust, I pluck, I color.
I find things I don’t like and I try to make them “better”… but who is it for?
I find myself saying, “I don’t do it for your standards, I do it for myself.”
But then, truly, at the bottom of it all, I must ask:
Why do I care about my eyebrows?
I can’t even see them when I’m talking…
But you can.
February 24, 2013

I’m Possible

Someone told me once:
“Create a list of ‘impossible’ things and review it in one year.”
Hot air balloons? Savings? Skydiving?
Whatever you can imagine.
Perhaps fill it with things you’ve been saying you’d do for years
and never got around to.
Write down your ideas in a list of 5, 10, 15, 20….
whatever you can muster up.
Then see where your year goes.
No matter what you have written down,
I bet you’ll be surprised but the things you still want to do
and perhaps the things you’ve done.
You can do absolutely anything.
February 24, 2013

Watching Others

We’re addicted to the internet.
We just don’t know how to turn it off, we don’t know how to tune it out.
It’s always there, always ready with something else that will give you what you want.
But what do you really want?
We want to be entertained, we want to be fascinated,
We want to get out of our own minds.
But why?
Think of your life and your beauty and take a moment to appreciate it.
Learn to prioritize yourself.
Step away from watching what other people do,
Walk away from what distracts you from being you.
Catch yourself when you are scrolling without purpose
And try to change your ways.
Have you smiled for yourself today?
February 24, 2013