Bachelorette Gift

A true blessing only gifted to some:
Wedding bells that are soon to come.
The anticipation and planning are coming to an end,
But the true beginning is just around the bend.

A dark-haired girl with flowers in her hair
Matched with a blonde boy who helped put them there.
Holding hands, wiping tears, kindly consoling all of your fears,
Growing closer through all of the years.

Two families and many friends will come together at last
To admire what we’ve seen bloom in the time that has passed.
A Valentine rose turned into a family, a life;
He has already given you gifts fit for a wife.

The strongest love is a love that grows,
From the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
Know today your friends are celebrating both of you,
As we patiently wait for you both to “I do.”

So take these next few moments to relax and feel at ease,
Know that we all love you and tonight we aim to please!
As soon as you’re done you’ll be ready to celebrate
As we start to get you ready for your next “big date”!


We’re 5 years in and our adventure continues.
Day in and day out: learning new things & understanding new theories.
An almost constant discussion:
Everyday still learning what makes us tick.

Let us see where this beautiful life leads us–
It seems anywhere will suffice with your hand in mine,
And yet nothing will ever be “enough”
Because when we are together not even the sky is limiting.

There is no cap, there is no limit; there’s nowhere but up.
But there are still questions posed:
Why do we exist? What are we meant to be?
What are we supposed to do?

With you by my side, there is no limit to what we can discover.
There is no telling us what we can do or where we can go.
Together we just keep reaching higher.

There is no stopping us.

February 10, 2013